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Employer Branding

Employer Branding or the art of building and maintaining an image and perception of a good employer covers the most valuable asset of any small, medium or large-sized company - its employees. We create working models to build the reputation of small, middle and large-sized companies as a good and preferred employer for highly qualified professionals. When they are satisfied and happy with their work, then the company becomes an attractive place and preferred environment for new potential employees.


As part of the Company’s long-term strategy for sustainable business development, we suggested to draw the attention of the employees to protect the environment both at the workplace and beyond. As next very important phase, not only employees are included as part of the local community, but also their families and fellow citizens. Aurubis’ initiatives aimed to nurture responsibility and concern for the environment among young people of the region. Schools and kindergartens in Pirdop and Zlatitsa participated in the initiatives. More than 300 participants cultivated open spaces in the courtyards of schools and kindergartens: flower beds were planted and green space was wooded. For the youngest children were provided educational games with animators.

The long existing copper smelter and refinery in Pirdop, after few different owners and acquisitions, emerged as new company - Aurubis Bulgaria, which faced various challenges, including a negative image among local communities due to historical pollution on-site. Despite the various investment programs, local people were reluctant to work the “polluter” and didn’t trust the company when it comes to the locals wellbeing. We knew that only with a dedicated long-term program we could convince the local communities in the company’s intentions for future mutual growth. 



Aiming at significant improvement of internal communications and employees’ perception of the employer, we developed various campaigns throughout the years to engage the employees in the company life and show them that their safety is extremely important. With different educational campaigns on Safety for you and Safety at work programs, we successfully engaged all of the current employees. With regular annual Open Doors Day we showed to the local communities that Aurubis is a responsible employer who treats its employees as precious part of the company’s DNA. 






Major priority of the project is to present the environmental issues information in a simple manner, to refer to best practices, that anyone can apply in his daily life – at home and in the office. As part of creating a positive image we initiated flexible patterns to improve the internal and external communications so that we can position Aurubis as environmentally friendly company and develop a sustainable business among all stakeholder groups.


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"Live Healthy" of Aurubis Bulgaria is a long-term health program - conducted over the past years through different campaigns aimed at the health status of Aurubis Bulgaria’s staff. The program for a healthy and active lifestyle is targeting the employees of Aurubis Bulgaria. The main objective is to promote among company's employees more active and healthy lifestyle through small changes in their daily habits. Through a series of activities are presented the most important facts of a balanced diet, tips for healthy physical form and for keeping an active lifestyle and most importantly - valuable recommendations for prevention of health risks such as smoking cessation, stress and others. The informational campaign is aiming at positive social impact - building patterns of healthy eating and physical activity, as well as prevention of deviations in eating behavior, which has as its end the following result: improved quality of life for company’s employees.


Significant improvement of internal communication & employees’ perception was achieved through various tailor-made programs such as Safety for you educational campaigns, Safety at work programs, Open doors days, Give a hand charity campaigns, Eco handbooks, Green contests, Green activities, Green board, Earth hour educational campaigns, Aurubis Forest, Nearby lakes cleaning actions, Healthy lifestyle activities: healthy Olympics games, Health fairs and seminars, healthy changes in the menu of Aurubis’ canteens, month of heart diseases, blood donations, seminars & non-smoking consultations, psychological hotline, etc.