Предстои „Ден на отворените врати” 2016 – ежегодна инициатива на един от големите клиенти на Chapter 4 България - Аурубис
Monday, 10. October 2016

Open Doors Day 2016 – the forthcoming annual initiative of Aurubis, one of the biggest clients of Chapter 4 Bulgaria

Open Doors Day 2016 is an annual initiative of Aurubis Bulgaria which is organized for sixth consecutive year. During the whole day of event visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with and to observe operating high-tech equipment, processes, technology, optimization and investments made by the company in recent years. Open Doors Day will be held on October 15 and includes a tour of main production units of the plant located between the towns of Pirdop and Zlatitsa - Smelter, Refinery, Acid plant and Flotation plant.