G.P. Group built a treatment plant in Macedonia
Tuesday, 3. July 2018

G.P. Group built a treatment plant in Macedonia

Chapter 4 Bulgaria’s team was part of the organization for the opening of a new treatment plant in Prilep, Macedonia. The event was attended by the PM of Macedonia Zoran Zaev and the Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Sadula Duraku. The building was finished in May this year. The plant will improve the environmental status of the region and will increase the quality of the water, reaching Prilepska river and its inflows.

The project, supported by the EU, is with total value of 9 million euro. The official opening of the station was also attended by the EU Special Representative in Macedonia Samuel Žbogar.

G.P. Group demonstrated quick reactions and professionalism with finishing the construction of the treatment plant in time. One of the main goals of the plant is that its work corresponds with the EU urban waste water treatment directive.

The completion of the project included:

  • Construction of all entities, related to the plant and the accompanying in buildings
  • Building a bridge to the plant
  • Building a fence, surrounding the plant
  • Landscaping
  • Connecting the plant to the sewage system of Prilep
  • Testing and kicking off the process of the plant
  • Training of employees