Chapter 4 Bulgaria becomes the new strategic and operational marketing Hub for Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Monday, 4. September 2017

Chapter 4 Bulgaria becomes the new strategic and operational marketing Hub for Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) continues to build and optimize a WW Best-In-Class marketing engagement model to support its partners to drive effective and measurable integrated marketing activities that accelerate demand for their joint business. Chapter 4 Bulgaria was chosen to be the marketing agency, which organizes and provides support in the planning and execution of partner driven end-to-end demand generation activities, together with selected commercial resellers and distributors.

As a specialized Marketing Services Agency (MSA), Chapter 4 Bulgaria engages directly with HPE partners and handles all campaign planning, preparation, coordination and tracking, including the management of the market development fund approvals and claims in SEE and management of end-customer data compliant with data privacy laws.

With the inclusion of Chapter 4 Bulgaria, HPE expands the MSA model further in Bulgaria into a new ‘Hub’ model that allows a more centralized approach to managing and executing co-marketing activities on behalf of partners.

In the MSA Hub model Chapter 4 is appointed to provide co-marketing services to HPE partners that are located in multiple countries. From the Hub location, Chapter 4 Bulgaria engages with HPE partners remotely, using their local language, and then plans and executes activities on their behalf. The overall program covering multiple countries is managed by the MSA Hub – Chapter 4 Bulgaria, including the program management and co-ordination back with HPE.

As a Hub, Chapter 4 Bulgaria:

∙              provides marketing expertise in planning and executing measurable and integrated co-marketing campaigns on behalf of the partners maximizing return on investments

∙              delivers the full range of  eligible activities supporting the stages of the customer buying journey, leveraging HPE co-marketing assets and content, i.e. demand generation, digital campaigns, telemarketing, partner-hosted events, sales incentives etc. 

∙              engages directly with HPE Partners to understand their specific needs and build effective demand generation campaigns for them

∙              drives HPE’s strategic initiatives and campaign priorities as directed by HPE Channel Marketing

The co-marketing services provided by Chapter 4 Bulgaria involve the planning and execution of integrated campaigns and marketing activities on behalf of HPE’s partners that drive maximum business for HPE.